What is Shareapic? Ways to Earn Money From It!

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What is Shareapic and How to Earn Money From It

In my previous article 8 Ways to Make Money Using Your Digital Camera I mentioned 8 ways on how you can earn money with digital photography. This article was viewed by many many people and continues to get views everyday. If you have not read it yet you can click here.

One of the ways to earn money is by uploading your photos or images to Shareapic.

What is Shareapic?

Shareapic is a site where you can upload your pictures and earn money when people click to view them. With Shareapic you can upload unlimited pictures, and there are no file size restrictions. They have a feature wherein with one click you can post your picture to sites like Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, Orkut, etc.

It is free to join Shareapic. How much can you earn from Shareapic? It varies depending on the amount of income they get from advertising. They then distribute this among the Shareapic members depending on how much image views the members got. At this moment of writing Shareapic pays 22 cents for every 1000 views, which means $0.0022 per view.

Right now, users from any country are allowed to join Shareapic. They pay within 30 calendar days as long as your account balance is over $20. They pay in US currency and payments are made via PayPal or various gift cards.

Shareapic allows you to upload your photos and they host the images for free. I think this is great! It provides an income-generating opportunity for you for absolutely free. How? Upload your photos and share them with your friends and family. You can also make your galleries to put categories on your photos. Another place where you can share your hosted pictures is in the forums.

Maybe you are already posting pictures on Facebook or Myspace. Why not make a little money from it? Upload your pictures on Shareapic and then share these pictures on your Facebook or Myspace. If you have many Facebook or Myspace friends then you can easily gather many views with very little effort on your part. Or if you are selling things on eBay, you can also use your hosted photos, and earn money when people looking at your auctions click on the picture.

Shareapic offers a free service of hosting your pictures, all you need to do is start uploading them and letting the whole world know where your pictures are. The more pictures you upload the more chance of earning you’ll get. Why not get started today?

Hope this article has helped you.

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