12 Simple Tips To Increase Your Sales

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Small changes in your sales can give you big results and can even boost up your sales.. Here are 12 simple, yet great tips to improve the effectiveness of your sales copy and increase your sales.

1. Make sure that every word in your advertisement focuses on your clients.. Change anything about you or your company into a customer benefit. For example; change “18 years of experience” with “pleasing customers just like you for over 18 years”.

2. Write your message like you are writing it to someone individually. Do not make the reader feel that the advertisement is for general, make them feel that your company is made for them.

3. Use simple words. Let them feel that you are talking to them in a normal conversation.. Replace words like “originate” with “start” and “receive” with “get”. Use active words in the present tense to grab your prospective customer’s attention and hold their interest. People stop reading if they begin to feel bored.

4. Convert technical words and phrases into common words. Use words every prospective customer will clearly understand without stopping to think.

5. Be more specific in giving description, Get rid of general words.. For example, replace a phrase like “get fast results” with “our new client’s average 12 percent more profit in the first 30 days”.

6. Group your message into smaller paragraphs. Readers will never read a one very long paragraph.

7. Include some bulleted or numbered lists to make your message, because you can get the following benefits:

* Visually attractive
* Easier to read
* More clearly understood

8. Do not overuse bold, italic and underlined text. Only use it to very important words and the features.

9. Eliminate anything cute, clever or humorous. It diverts the reader’s attention away from your message.

10. Keep your message positive and upbeat. Positive copy usually produces better results than negative copy …except in politics.

11. Make sure your message flows smoothly. Readers should be able to visualize what you’re saying without noticing the words you’re using to say it. Keep them engrossed in your message.

12. Do not write something exaggerated. Even though they are true, your potential clients will be lessen because some say that “too good to be true”, and they will not check your company again.

This are simple yet, effective ways to improve your sales.


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