How to use holidays as writing prompts

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For many, holidays are a god-given time for leisure and outdoors activities. Lounging on the couch all day long, rambling in the countryside, or go for a family trip in a foreign country are only a few of the limitless possibilities. Doesn’t the prospect look so tempting that you want to embrace them all at once? What if you were told to stay at home and keep up with your writing progress for the holidays? Sunlights are gone in an instant. It is such a depressing idea to be thought of. Writing on holidays, however, doesn’t have to be a painful task. With a different mentality, writing can be as tempting as those imaginary holiday activities. Let me show you how in this article.
If the sunlight streaks shedding on your bed from the window panels are inviting for you to run outside, why can’t it be otherwise? The warn morning sunlight can make you a comfortable writing corner where you nestle contentedly with your pieces. It needs just a little bit change of your mentality. Writing itself is enjoyable, and writing with the sunlight dancing around you is all the more motivating and your greatest impulse for writing. If it is still not appealing enough for you to rally up your ambition to work, try to do something more, such as playing your favorite music and having your hot cappuccino(or espresso) ready by your side. It helps. Creating an inviting aura will make you more drawn to write. 
Now that you have created your own working corner, it’s time to organize your unfinished projects and work on them. You will probably find most of the unfinished writing projects are something that you are likely not to work on if you can choose. Working on them is depressing enough, and working on them during holiday is a devastating step to your good mood, when contrasting it with all the exciting holiday activities that are looming in your mind. It doesn’t have to be in this way. Those writing project may be annoying. But working on them at a time when you have the leisure to take a break here and there is far better than toiling all day long when the deadline is chasing after your butt.
Writing on holiday will bring you inspirations that you did not imagine. Ideas lie in freedom. When you are free from constraints, your creativity exudes and runs. It is a great time for you to collect ideas that you can work on in a later stage.
If you really don’t like the the idea of being confined to your den while on holiday, bring your paper and pen (or laptop) with you and go outdoors. There is no hard and rigid place when it comes to writing. Try something new. It will bring you fresh experience and new ideas. Pen your writing on the bench in your garden, or whatever place you think you are inspired to go to.
If you make use of your holidays, you will find it can be your greatest writing prompts. Writing in your own rhythm with ease is a great treasure that people long for but seldom have the privilege to enjoy.


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