Build a great PC configuration for just 300 EUR!!! Sexy pc cinfiguration! Cheap

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I know people that spent 600,700 or even more EUR for a PC configuration which is not so great… and some of those PC configurations are not worth even the half of these prices, and their performances are not impressive @ all… You should know how to assemble a good PC configuration which would cost you about 300 Euros (that is about 380 USD). I use this configuration. And I am more than satisfied! All newer PC games work perfectly! Red Alert 3 has set very high graphics, and all the preferences are set to maximum, and it never slowed down or something like that… The same is with the driving, first-person shooting games, sports games, etc… I bought this PC configuration on February this year. See the following components (and approx. prices):

– First, and the most important, the motherboard: MSI K9A2 CF-F (Crossfire)

Preferences: 4 DDR2 sockets (I am currently using only 1), 4 SATAII connectors (this is for HDs), HD audio, IDE cable, and, of course support for TWO GRAPHIC CARDS. This component costs about 80-90 EUR depends where you buy it.

-Second, processor: AMD Athlon X2 64 6000+ 3.1Ghz Socket AM2

Dual core processor .Socket AM2 also supports the newest types of AMD processors (Phenom, and Phenom II). So you can upgrade your PC in the future without any trouble…This costs about 70 EUR (cheap, isn’t it?).

-Third, RAM memory. I prefer Kingston, so I bought Kingston 2GB DDR2 (one module).

This component costs about 30 EUR.

-Fourth, Hard disk. HD doesn’t affect PCs performance if it’s capacity is not under 40GB. I got the Western Digital 220GB SATAII.

This cost from 60-65 EUR.

-Fifth, and also very important part, graphic card. I got the XFX GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR3 PCI Express.

I think this doesn’t require an explanation. Price is about 100 EUR.

-And the last, but also important part is the case and the power. I got the Blueberry CN-832 400W.

This a cheap PC case but works absolutely great! Costs about 40 EUR.

So when you do the calculation the total price varies from about 300-315 EUR. Now it only depends where you buy all these PC components…Feel free to post comments, especially if you know some better PC configurations for same price…


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