Where do you think you are Heaven or Hell?

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In our life we really gone through so many ups and downs, and sometimes we even thought that our lives depends on the people, conditions, and situations around us. But to control our life and dominate it, we must be able to see beyond our short-sighted view of our life.

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly making decisions in our life. We are choosing either we go to heaven or hell. As the matter of fact, every moment, each of us decide. There is no outsiders that can decide for us. We are the only one who will do the decision.

But unfortunately, people choose hell over heaven with their decision.

To know whether you are currently in heaven or hell, evaluate your life. Then try to scale yourself. Ask yourself some questions. Am I living a hellish life or not?

Try to observe your thinking, your attitude and the way you behave.

Do you often complain? Are you often angry?

How often are you disappointed? Is is really disappointing?

Do other people influence your life so much?

How often are you letting yourself down?

Focusing on complaints, disappointments, should be’s, and unmet expectations creates the atmosphere of hell.

To change your life’s atmosphere you must have disclipine to yourself. You must be willing to change something within yourself.

Step One: Brigthen up your thoughts and ideas.

Try to look at yourself before giving comment to others. Think more than twice before speaking. Are the words that will come out in your mouth can really help? Or will it just make things worst?

Step Two: See the root of your disappointments. Look at things in a deeper view..

Your complaints are not really the things you want to say or you want to express. Try to look within your hear and emotion even more. Do not blame others for your disappointments, instead look at the problem to yourself. What mistakes did you made?

Step Three: Try to view Heaven.

Look at things in a brighter view. Do not be a one-sided person only looking at all the negativities in life. Try to understand what it is like to have a heavenly life. What are good things to do? What are bad? What are the things acceptable to heaven? What are not?

Step Four: Declare that you are living in Heaven and live your life as a life in Heaven.

Change your beliefs. Change the “life is so hard” to “life is challenging”. Try to make the most in everything you do. Never say “pain” instead say “sacrifice for the better”. In this belief you will never experience life in hell again.

Step Five: Love your self

Love your self first before others. Try to look if you will also benefit on things you will do. Do not put yourself on the end of the line instead give yourself a VIP slot in the line. Give the best to your life but do not forget that there are also other people.

You must transform yourself to a better person. You must decide correctly in every choice you are making in your life. Do not make false decision. Remember Heaven is the best place and each time you make a choice, notice how your perception of yourself and your life changes. Watch as you step from hell into heaven.


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