OpenProxyNetwork – the series of United States free online web proxy server

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Proxy servers are widely used by people from all over the world, especially by students and people in workplace. There are many free online web proxies you can use to access the blocked or censored sites and protect your privacy and identity online, even though some others charge the users a fee.

OpenProxyNetwork is a network of free proxy websites to bypass any type of filter or firewall that stops you from viewing your favorite websites. Stay anonymous and bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions. Can’t visit a country ‘restricted’ website? They can help! They can unblock any websites including Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Bebo, YouTube, etc. So you can enjoy dating, online games, forums, chat rooms, galleries, photos, video, music, download services, and anything. Freedom is real.

More open proxies with cool features are coming. UnblockProx is the most famous one and Thesurfhide is the newest one. You just need to pick any proxy website on the list and be free, go and enjoy.

The server of OpenProxyNetwork is placed in the United States. It has concise pages and little ads, supports the Chinese websites and does not appear garbled. It uses PHProxy online agent system, supports SSL, so the users can visit the https websites such as Gmail. But its loading speed is relative slow.

Enter the page you want to visit in the address bar at the bottom of the page, and then click the “browse” button on the right (sometimes it is a tick button). Then you can browse your favorite websites under the protection!

Note that OpenProxyNetwork does not display images by default, and it can be resolve by selecting “Show Images” on the top of the page.


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