SearchingFaster- U.S. free online web proxy server

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Proxy servers are widely used by people from all over the world, especially by students and people in workplace. There are many free online web proxies you can use to access the blocked or censored sites and protect your privacy and identity online, even though some others charge the users a fee. However, while using one, make sure that it is not known to the censor who configures the firewalls.

SearchingFaster is a free online web proxy server, which is placed in the United States. It has concise pages and little ads, supports the Chinese websites and does not appear garbled. It uses PHProxy online agent system, supports SSL, so that the users can visit the https websites such as Gmail.

Enter the page you want to visit in the address bar in the middle of the web proxy page, and then click the “Surf Now” button on the right. Then you can browse your favorite websites under the protection of SearchingFaster!

You should note SearchingFaster has a limitation that if you want long-term use of this site, you must modify your DNS settings in accordance with the requirements of SearchingFaster. This is a free premium proxy service of SearchingFaster. The free premium service includes unlimited usage of the proxy service, high speed page resolution, fast enough to handle any streaming video sites, seamless browsing including a hideable proxy address bar, cookie storage, login Functionality, absolutely no ad banners, complete anonymity. It has specific setting methods for Windows XP users and Vista users.


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