The Samsung Omnia

As many of you might know, Samsung is about to release Omnia II. And the first Samsung i900 Omnia will soon be a thing of the past. I only got my Omnia a few weeks ago (I know, way late to give a review), but to those who don’t have this phone yet but is thinking of buying it, I may just be able to give you a few insights.

First off, the Omnia is a pocketpc, not a smartphone. The difference, I learned is that pocketpc’s are full touchscreens while smartphones are those that are, well, basically phones. But what sets it apart?

The Omnia is fully loaded with the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, keeping you constantly connected with all the Microsoft Office applications you need. It features real time email alerts and calendar synchronisation. It has Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Search equipped.

The TouchWiz interface makes it even easier to navigate between the myriad of applications by allowing you to create your own menu through shortcuts, for accessing those programs you most frequently use. It also integrates the use of widgets, allowing you to personalize your desktop just like your own PC. 

Messaging is also fun and more detailed with the threaded message feature. Much like an ongoing chat conversation, you see previous texts at one glance, enabling you to pick up the conversation where you left off. Creating messages is a breeze as you have the option to choose from a variety of texting styles, whehter you want to use a phonelike keypad, a qwerty keyboard, or just write what you want to say.

For those who opt to use the keyboard, it is even easier to do so since the Omnia is equipped with an accelerometer. A feature enabling the screen to turn to landscape mode when the phone is held horizontally, giving you a much larger keyboard to work with.

Listening to music can either be through the touch player or Windows Media Player. The touch player has a feature that allows you to go back and forth between applciations, much like the alt+tab function In Windows. The Windows Media Player meanwhile, allows you to synchronise your music with your PC files.

Watching movies is also a great experience with the Omnia as you have the option to watch the video in landscape or portrait mode. A DivX player is also pre-installed.

The 5MP camera has face and smile recognition, making picture taking a breeze and creating more detailed memories for you. It also prevents blurred photos from being taken with its Image Stabiliser and Auto Focus functions.

All in all, the Omnia can be quite an intimidating phone to use. But once you get used to it, you will feel comfortable with it just as you do with your own PC. It’s actually really like your PC, only it fits in your pocket.

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