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If you work for a translation agency as a translator, you have to deal with a variety of texts from different areas that have to be translated into different languages every day. To ensure that the resulting translations are linguistically and technically correct, they are usually proofread by another native speaker, who corrects even small subtleties and nuances in word meanings and expressions, if necessary. Translators who work for an agency not only speak several languages perfectly, but also have specific knowledge in different areas so that they can translate even technical, scientific or legal texts with great accuracy.

Translation agencies are also at service in international trading and global transportation. They translate, for example, order lists, product lists and other important documents. Also, they grant fluent communication between international trade partners, since they transcribe all correspondence between the participating companies. In the financial sector a translation agency may also be of valuable service. The translators can translate contracts and important documents for banks and insurance companies.

But the translators in a translation agency not only translate technical texts or documents that are used in international trade and economy. They also translate certificates and personal documents an individual customer may need. For small businesses a translation agency can also be useful for the translation and localization of their website, if they want to reach foreign language speaking customers – the entire website including graphics as well as terms and conditions can be adapted for foreign markets.


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