Alternate ending to Of Mice and Men (9th grade student created)

The nearby stream was the only sound as a frog slowly sloshed in the Salinas River. The current was enough to form V shaped waves flowing from the trademark shape of the small amphibian to the pebbled shore. As the frog sulked, a small movement grabbed its attention. The frog’s eyes quickly darted to a guppy fighting hard against the constant motion of the river. Eyeing its next potential meal the frog began taking slow, dragging steps toward the tiring guppy. When the frog was close enough to strike at the guppy, it quickly stopped fighting and let the current drag him to the safety of the shoreline, quickly darting within an outcropping of rocks.

Lennie watched as the frog skipped away seeking its next meal. Taking a drink from the stream he repeated several times, “I did a bad thing, I did another bad thing.”

Out of the rock outcropping, the guppy came near to Lennie as he drank. In his mind Lennie heard the guppy speak, “they’ll be no rabbits now, and you fool! Hell, you don’t even deserve rabbits you no good fool! You have ruined George’s dreams, your dreams!”

“I know! The rabbits, now nobody will take care of the rabbits!”

“That’s right! All because you can’t even…”  The guppy’s thought was interrupted by a loud stomp and the sound of a bush being pushed to the side.

Lennie yelped as George walked out of the underbrush. “George!” Screamed Lennie. “I came here just like you said, like you said George!”

George replied with a solemn, small voice, “They are coming for you Lennie, You killed Curley’s wife, and they will hunt you until they find you, Curley is going to shoot your damn guts out if he finds you first.”  George continued, “I can’t have you with me anymore Lennie, you ain’t worth the trouble you need to g’it out of here. I finally have a good thing going; I can’t have you ruining it.”

“Where will I go George?” Lennie asked, as if to himself.

“Hell if I know, ain’t nobody going to take you now, you rocks for brains idiot! Why’d you have to do that? I told you not to get involved with her!” George shrieked.

“George, I’m sorry I didn’t mean nuthin’ I was jus’ worried you wouldn’t let me take care of the rabbits!”

“Those damn rabbits are all you think of, you kill a person and all you think about is those rabbits!”

“George, do you want me to leave, George? I’ll live in a cave somewhere, and I’ll be able to keep the mice I find, and I’ll pet ‘em too!”

George sighed, “I don’t care what you do, I don’t want you here run, hide, I don’t care!” George screamed, “They’ll hang you for murder if they find you.”

“Let’s buy the farm George! We can live off the fatta’ the land.”

“We can’t Lennie, we just can’t! Just go before Curley finds you.” George mumbled, “He’ll shoot your guts out with a smile after what you done. You have a better chance if you set out now.”

Lennie hugged George.

“Thanks George…”

With a tear on his cheek Lennie picked himself up off the worn log stump, kicked the ashes and set off towards weed.

In weed word had just come in of Curley’s wife’s death.

“I hope that no good scoundrel gets lynched! Raping me and murdering another woman, He’ll hang, he’ll hang real nice.”

The deputy of Weed gathered together a posse,

“we gonna hunt that crazy bastard and if he puts up a fight, we’ll shoot his fool head off!”

Voices in the crowd murmered, “I heard he’s armed! Keep your guns ready.”

“Maybe he is waiting for us ”

“Maybe that poor broad’s husband killed him already”

Lieing down in the brush, Lennie gasped for air after running until he couldn’t go farther. As a rabbit emerged from the treeline Lennie raged, “Get out of here! I’ll just kill you anyways, I hate you!” Lennie let out a shrill shreak as the rabbit was nearly torn in two by a shotgun blast.

“You are a wanted criminal, wanted for murder and rape!”

Lennie reached for the stolen Luger, “I ain’t going to jail! I ain’t! I’ll kill you if you try to take me!”

The Deputy laughed, “Jail? You worried about jail son? There ain’t no jail in your future, you’ll get a new collar and a quick drop, ain’t no jail in your future.”

Lennie thought, “Well I don’t need no new collar, and I don’t know what a drop is but I ain’t giving up!”

The deputy began to talk, “I’ll negotiate with you, put the gun down and we can talk about this like honorable men” Lennie dropped the gun, “okay, howabout you let me go? I didn’t mean to do anything it was an acci…” Before Lennie could finish his sentence the deputy swung his shotgun and struck Lennie on the side of the head.

When Lennie awoke there was blood dripping down his head, he was in a wagon, tied down with leather straps, “wha? What….. whats going on?”

With an evil smirk his passenger replied, “you gonna get hung boy, strung up from a tree, we heard about the rape, and you killing that poor woman.”

As the horse came to a stop Lennie was escorted to the gallows. As the noose was placed around Lennie’s neck he kicked the deputy in the groin, elbowed the other escort and began to run. Before he could get anywhere the deputy drew his revolver and shot him in the chest.

As Lennie lied on the ground, bleeding out he began to hallucinate, “George? Tell me George, how’s it gonna be? We’ll live off the fatta the lan’, and we’ll have rabbits, all kinds George black one and white ones, and we’ll grow alfalfa for…

As Lennie died the crowd grew silent, unsure of what they had just done.

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