If I had 10 million U.S. dollars in prize

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I have been thinking about this a long time.
I think most people are not differentiated.
1. Given to God, or Church of 10%
2. To pay debt
3. Good house, car, boat, etc. …
4. Travel …
5. Office of the company …
6. Las Vegas, women, liquor, gambling …
7. To help relatives …
8. …. And so on.

According to the poll results show.
Most people chose the “10% give to God”
Why? Because the Bible said so.
But why is 10% not 20% of it? Or 5% or 90%?
Because the Bible said so.

So, my question is: Do you give 10% a week? A month?
Most people answer “no”

That being the case, why the Bible says, you have not done so?
People said: we do not have enough money, or there is sufficient amount.

If my memory is not wrong.
I remember: the story of the Bible, the two copper to the old lady is far richer gold Chan dedication.
At the same time, I have more to reflect the true nature of God.
And, what is behind in the lottery,
And, think about what benefits

Whether we are prepared to think about …. and so on.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Everything belongs to God, I mean everything, so God is not of concern to 10% or 20%, a copper or 200 million? For God, the amount is meaningless. However, the amount of impact to our nervous system / money, some love, tolerance level.
2. The old lady gave her life to give God 100 percent. I can put my award them all to God? No!
So why do I buy tickets? I need something to enjoy.
3. Does God stop us from enjoying life? He asked us to draft and bread alone, sleeping on the rocks? Or wear old clothes? No, he blessed the King David, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph …. and so on. So, enjoy your travel, wine, or a yacht.
4. Who is the director of the lottery game? God it? No, but everything is in accordance with his permission.
The problem is that we can maintain a normal real? Been so many “luxury” of pleasure?
We can resist the temptation? Even to admit its mistakes, we can repent and come back up since then? Or continue to use the money to do more wrong? No, I think we can not. Or very difficult.
5. What is more favorable for us? An ordinary life, with a dream, perhaps we still have a chance to be conservative. Or forward to fly like a kite, there is no head, the bottom fell? Only God holding head.
6. Are we better prepared? I have not ready. Because I still can not weekly or monthly contributions of 10%. You?
Even if you can dedicate more than 10%, but I still do not think you are ready.
As I mentioned earlier: the number or percentage, in the face of God is of no significance.

This is very interesting to keep the dream and think about this lottery.
Hello, I am not a saint.
i do not know whether to think about saints or not.
They may think it too.
How could I know that they think this?
How do you know that I do not know what they think this?
How do you know that I know you do not know, they think this?
….. And so on.
This is just another kind of brain fun, too.
Their so-called saint, does not mean that they are saints.
If they are the so-called sinners, does not mean that they really had a strapdown inertial navigation system.
So, do not believe that as long as the purchase of 2 million lottery tickets, lottery tickets for a huge 334 million for this week.


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