How to get a free premium megaupload account

I know the frustration you feel when you can’t pause/resume downloads, when you can’t use download accelarators, when you have to wait 45 seconds to start downloading, etc. Everyone likes to have a premium account isn’t it? Well, here’s a great method for it.

First of all, go to megaupload, And then, download the mega manager and the megaupload toolbar. Then, install both. You need to have a free account in megaupload to download these two, so it’s no big deal.

Then, after installing both, go to megaupload while you are logged in. You should do this after 10.00 pm. Then, beside the toolbar, it will say “Happy hour premium” Click on it, and it will activate the premium account, for about 200 minutes.

This is one way to get a premium account. There is another way. But it isn’t 100% accurate and you can only try that 3 times a day.

In it, you can try a gamble to win a premium account for a day, a month, and it you are really lucky, a year. But it’s a game of chance an it’s only a 50 – 50 chance that you will ever get a account from it.

There are other ways to get this sort of a account. Those are, register to free site which allows you to earn money by either, clicking ads, posting blogs, posting articles, surveys, even surfing the internet. These are a bit slow in the process as you have to earn enough money to buy an account in megaupload. But its no big deal for ones who spend their whole time on the computer.

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