Save money redoing your garage.

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Save money redoing your garage yourself. Although there are professional services that can do this for you, think first. Making it a more usable space yourself may take you more time than money. If you decide the clutter in your garage is important stuff, maybe you just need to reorganize. Here are the easiest steps to accomplish getting your garage in shape.

Divide and conquer: If you can move everything in your garage to the great outdoors, this task will be easier. If you can’t do that, don’t panic! Just move as much as you can to one side.

Get storage containers or boxes: Put things together that go together. Soccer items in one container, tools in another. If you do not have extra money for containers, sturdy cardboard boxes will work just fine.

Add wall shelves or hooks: Home improvement centers offer reasonably priced wall hooks that are great for hanging lawn tools. Shelves can be expensive, but may be the best solution for you. Once you get as much as you can off the floor, you will begin to see things coming together.

Markers: Use markets to write what is in any container you are using. There is no reason to add confusion to the mix-this is what you are trying to escape.

Make a list: Make a thorough inventory list so that you know what you actually have in your garage. Have two copies-one in the garage, and one elsewhere just in case the garage copy disappears.

Donate: When redoing your garage, get serious about the items there. If you have things that have not been seen or used for a year, give it away. If it was important you would have used it by now!

Sell extra items: Not only can you save money by doing your garage yourself, you may find things to sell. Bring things to a local thrift store, or plan a yard sale. No reason to keep things you really don’t want, but you know you can turn into cash.

Put things in places that make sense: If you have gardening supplies in the garage, shouldn’t they mean near the door?

Clean: Sweep away any cobwebs, dust, or dirt from ceilings, walls, and floors.

Place a quality floor mat near the door: Now that you have things tidy, you may as well keep up the good work, and wipe your feet!

Be happy you were able to save money redoing the garage! Enjoy your accomplishment. Hopefully others will appreciate your efforts enough to help you keep things in the new order you have created.


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