Fighting Depression In a Failing Economy

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How can we escape the debts of society? Is it possible that we’re forced into such despair? Can we possibly be given signs of such events? It’s been said that history always repeats itself. With the current economic down shift and the severity of it hitting world wide, are we transitioning into a different period? Are we entering “The Great Depression” part II? Is this the beginning of a new superpower or is the United States just regaining its’ strength? These are some of the many questions we have to ask ourselves as we struggle through this recession.

Throughout history, this nation has been riddled with wars and battles sending shock waves down the developmental and economical back bone of an up and coming superpower. Some have been fought with great dignity and pride; others have been battled with questionable tactics and ambitions. Even though these conflicts have left many unanswered questions in the minds of alot of Americans, this country, in its entirety, has managed to grow beyond its means and expand, reaching to the far corners of the world. Is it possible that taking such a risk in the pursuit of one’s own self interest, millions more benefited; or was it the sense of patriotism and pride that lead this country to overcome such confrontation? Although we can only speculate into the minds of our leaders during a time of depression and war, one thing is certain, the U.S. was developing into an independent, capitalistic, unbeaten superpower. The period between the start of World War I to the end of World War II was a time of drastic transition for the United States. At the beginning of World War I America was a growing power, and by the end of World War II it was one of the two superpowers in the world.

Through the ages of American history, we’ve experienced extreme change, depression, and a growing desire to expand. We’ve experienced disease and crippling conditions. We’ve overcome a long standing economic struggle through war while becoming the power that we’re known today. In a time of uncertainty, the U.S. has become a vacuum of wealth extending out to all corners. Today we may be facing a new challenge. Yesterday, we adapted and conquered new feats. How will we respond to the struggles of today?


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