Essay: Need

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Man craves for his need or we can even say that he cries for his need from the moment he comes on this earth as a baby. Then his struggle for needs continues until he breathes his last. In other words we can say that mans’ quest for needs is a never-ending struggle.

When man was a nomad he was an uncivilized crude person. In the Stone Age his needs were minimal and far between. As man grew in civilization, his needs also multiplied greatly.

Before proceeding further on needs, we need to know what is meant by need. A human being requires some basic things to eke out his livelihood like food, shelter and cloth etc which are known or called as his basic needs.

When mans’ life became sophisticated, his needs got multiplied exponentially. To explain in other words mans’ needs grew in number in direct proportion to his multifarious activities. Even mans’ basic needs have expanded enormously, providing man with employment opportunities and they have even become a mainstay of a nations’ economy. For example, though food is a basic need of a man, agriculture has become the mainstay of many countries economy like India and Indonesia etc. These countries are major producers of rice and wheat which form the staple food of their countrymen and they also export wheat and rice to other countries to earn foreign exchange and to boost up their economy. Similarly, coffee has become the mainstay of the economies of Brazil, Columbia and Honduras.

While cloth has become another basic need of human being, it has encouraged cotton cultivation as a cash crop on the agricultural front, it has resulted in formation of thousands of cotton mills and textile mills leading to the industrialization of countries, encouraging trade and commercial activities, providing millions of employment opportunities for human beings. Not to speak of the ultra modern fashion designing opportunities.

Then let us come to his another basic need, the shelter. Man as a nomad who had been staying in mountain caves to escape from the wild animals, has been building skyscrapers with ultra modern facilities, besides providing millions of job opportunities.

We have to add transport as a basic need of the human being in the modern days. Mans’ innovation and his quest for exploration of even other planets like moon and mars seem to have no end. Transport being the essential need of a human being, the means of transport ranging from two wheelers to ultra modern jet and air ways not only facilitated the movement of mankind from one place to another but also provides employment opportunities to millions of people. We should not forget that the means of transport requires a fuel called petrol what we call the liquid gold and it has become the mainstay of the economies of the Gulf Countries. The oil price hike to astronomical heights has prompted the mankind to seek alternate energy resources like bio-fuel etc.

Above all man is conscious of his tremendous growth as well as his environment and is also aware that systematic learning what we call education is the primary reason for all these kinds of development in the world. Therefore, to cope up with this modern world and keep abreast of himself with the current trends, man requires education as another basic need. Man also knows that education makes a man complete and perfect. World has undergone many industrial, technological revolutions and scientific inventions, the credit of which man owes only to education.

Therefore Mans’ needs which were only few when he was less developed and uncivilized, grew manifold as the world became advanced in civilization and culture. Now man it is at a stage that his needs are unlimited and we can even say that they are beyond the scope of human knowledge.


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