presidential elections in indonesia

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nation indonesia soon implement a new presidential election.
Vote is scheduled take place on 8 July 2009 simultaneously in all of Indonesia.

direct presidential election indonesia nations have been implemented as the 1-time in 2004. previous presidential election held on the MPR session.

there are three candidates competing for the position of president and vice president.

they are:

1. Megawati soekarno putri – Prabowo subianto.
2. Susilo Bambang Yudoyono – Boediyono
3. Moehammad Jusuf Kalla – Wiranto

Here are a couple third platform Pilpres 2009 participants:

Megawati, Prabowo

1. Re-schedule debt payments abroad
2. Save properties to eliminate the state of poverty
3. Implement economic populist
4. Eight villages program
5. Strengthen the small business sector
6. Energy independence
7. Education and health
8. Maintain the continuity of nature and the environment


1. Economic development
2. Good governance and good governance
3. Stabilizing pillars of democracy
4. Enforce the law
5. Five years of development this should be more enclusif and berkeadilan


1. Couples Nusantara
2. Nationalist
3. Pro-Market
4. Experienced in government
5. Religious
6. Small matter of
7. Love Peace
8. The Quick
9. Better
10. More emphatic

I hope as a nation indonesia the selection of this running well.
the losers will not make a disturbance (such as in iran) and complete all appropriate channels of law issues.
the winning party will not be arrogant and implement a good governance.

I hope there is no intervention of foreign parties that the implementation of the new presidential election to come.


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