Travel: cheap hotels in Las Vegas

If you’re going to travel to Vegas, you can learn more about cheap hotels so you can save money. There are expensive hotels and then there are inexpensive hotel. I must warn you though, you pay for what you get. The cheaper hotels can be older, smelly, and have rude employees. The casino doesn’t have many amenities like large pools, nightclub, or hot people. The food might be bad and there might be hookers, druggies walking around. You really pay for what you get.

If you’re looking for low price hotel, you can try downtown Las Vegas. All of the casino and hotels are less expensive in downtown Las Vegas. Every hotels in downtown will be less expensive than the strip. You will have a great time down in downtown.

The lesser price hotels are:

The Golden Spike, The Golden Nugget, The Plaza, Golden Gate, California hotels are just a few that are less expensive. As long as you’re in downtown, you will save money. It’s very inexpensive in downtown. Did you know that it only takes about ten minutes to get from downtown to the strip? It’s not far. You can drive to the strip if you drive to Vegas. If you’re staying for a long time, you can stay at the downtown casino. The price for a hotel room at the Golden Spike is $29.99 a day on non-holiday. The price for a hotel room at the Golden Nugget is from $80-$120. The price for hotels in downtown will always be less. If you’re looking to save for money then you should browse the internet for low price hotels. You can search for hotels downtown and they will come up. It’s ridiculous to spend $150  a night for the hotel room on the strip if you’re going to be by yourself. The downtown casino is just about 15 minutes from the strip. You can even see the strip from downtown casino.

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