Traveling to California

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California is a great place to spend your summer. You can go surfing, swimming, fishing and just hang out at the beach. Many people visit California during the summer. If you are going to travel to California then you have to visit the beach there. You will have a wonderful time. California is a great place to go surfing. There are so many places that you can go surfing. Many people visit California just to go surfing. It’s like Hawaii beaches. The weather is just right during the summer and it’s not too hot or too cool either. You can always find a great crowd at the beach. It’s also a great place to meet people. They have dog beaches too. You can take your dog with you to some beaches like Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach has a dog beach. The beaches of California are located along the coast. You can take the PCH and drive from one beach to another. You can even drive from county to another.

If you’re going to visit Orange County then you must visit all the beaches in OC. It’s one of their best features. You can go swimming or surfing or just laying out in the sun. The beaches in OC are clean, suitable for swimming and safe. You will always see a large crowd at any of the beach in OC. It’s usually safe at the beaches on Orange County. The beach is open until midnight each day. They will escort you out if you’re there pass that time.

If you like to surf then Huntington Beach is the perfect place for you. Huntington Beach has many goers and the waves are high. Usually surfers come to Huntington Beach to surf. Many people from other states come to Huntington Beach just to surf. There are surfing competitions there every summer and it’s live. You can watch it at the beach. There are many restaurants right across from the beach. It’s across from the street so you can eat and then go surfing or swimming. It’s more convenient for you. The water level here can be too high for swimming. If you want to swim, you can go further down south for shallow water level. It’s not a good idea to have children swim at Huntington Beach. The water can be a safety hazard for them. They can play with the water but they shouldn’t go swimming in it.

If you like to go swimming in OC, you can swim at Newport Beach, Laguna Beach or Corona Del Mar. The water is shallow at those beaches. You can swim and there are not that many high waves. The waves are little but it comes up only in the evening. You can swim during the day time. Corona Del Mar is one of the best beaches to go swimming because the water is clean and shallow. You will see family and kids swim here often.

The view is fantastic at Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach. People are wealthy here and most of them are celebrities.


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