The Wikimedia Commons 10 Best Pictures of 2006, 2007 & 2008

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This is a compilation of the top 3 winners from the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 of Wikimedia Commons: Picture of

the Year.



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This is the amazing photo of “The Aurora Borealis” or Northern Lights; it shines above Bear Lake, Eielson Air

Force Base, Alaska. This picture can be considered as nature’s beauty at its best. This is the best picture for the

year 2006. It is taken by Senior Airman Joshua Strang.


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The 2nd best picture winner for the year 2006 is the entry “Sans Domicile Fixe”. This photo is taken in Paris,

France by Eric Pouhier. The shot is composed beautifully and the lighting is superb.


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The extraordinarily beautiful photo “A Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)” captured the 3rd best picture for the year

2006. It is taken in Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada by Wikimedian Mdf.


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The captivating and fascinating shot of “Hoverflies Mating in Midair” tied with “A Blue Jay” at 3rd best picture spot.

This photo is taken by Wikimedian Fir0002.



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The best picture winner for the year 2007 is the entry entitled “Broadway Tower in Cotswolds, England”. The

photo was taken by Wikimedian Newton2.


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The 2nd spot goes to the entry entitled New York City at Night. New York, the city that never sleeps, is truly a

beautiful place and is more splendid at night. The photo is taken by Paulo Barcellos Jr.


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The “Red Squirrel” with pronounced winter ear tufts in the Hofgarten in Düsseldorf is the 3rd best photo for the

year 2007. This entry is from Wikimedian Ray Eye.



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The best picture for 2008 is the picture entitled “Horses on Bianditz Mountan”. The photo is credited to Mikel

Ortega and edited by Richard Bartz.


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The second best picture for the year 2008 under the category People and Human Activities is the entry entitled

“Fire Breathing”. The photo is credited to Luc Viatour.


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The 3rd best picture for 2008 under the category Cities, Architecture, Constructions and Related is the entry

entitled “Steam Locomotives of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway in the Roundhouse at the Chicago, Illinois

Rail Yards in 1942”. The photo is credited to Jack Delano. This entry is a photograph restoration.

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