World’s Most Spectacular Balanced Rock Formations

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Here’s a collection of man-made and natural balanced rocks from around the world. Rock balancing is an art,

discipline or hobby that involves placing some combination of rock or stone in arrangements which require

patience and sensitivity to generate, and which appear to be physically impossible while actually being only highly

improbable. There are 3 styles of rock balancing; the first is Pure Balance – each rock in near-point balance; the

second is Balanced Stacking – rocks laid flat upon each other to great height, and; the third is Free Style – mixture

of the two above; may include arches, etc.

One Balance Rock


Image Source

This spectacular balanced rock called One Balance Rock is located in Petrified Forest National Monument in

Arizona, USA.

Mother and Child Rock


Image Source

Mother and Child Rock is a unique Balancing Rock formations located in Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe.

Queen Nefertiti Rock


Image Source

The magnificent Queen Nefertiti Rock can be found in Arches National Park in the state of Utah. There is

hundreds of amazing rock formations in the said park.

Balanced Rock


Image Source

This astonishing rock formation simply called Balanced Rock is located in the Garden of the Gods Park in

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Cheesewring

Image Source

The unusual pile of granite slabs called Cheesewring is a geological formation located in Bodmin Moor, Corwall in

England, UK. A “cheesewring” is a press-like device that was previously used to make cheese.

Balancing Rock


Image Source

Putting this huge rock into balance on top of another rock seems impossible. The amazing Balancing Rock is

situated in Digby, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Devil’s Marbles


Image Source

These amusing rock formations found in Australia are made of granite, which surfaces like a little geological island

in the desert. The Devil’s Marbles is thought to be formed about 1.7 billion years ago as a result of the hardening

of magma within the earth’s crust.



Image Source

These rock formations are geological formations in San Juan, Argentina. The Ischigualasto Provincial Park is

located in the north-east of the province of San Juan.

Rock Balance


Image Source

This intricate balanced rock is located in Goring-on-Thames, a village and civil parish on the River Thames in the

English county of Oxfordshire, England.

Balanced Rock


Image Source

This beautiful and captivating rock formation located in Arches National Park, Utah is the Balanced Rock. This

large balancing rock is about the size of 3 school buses.The total height of Balanced Rock is about 128 feet,

with the balanced rock rising 55 feet above the base.

Brimham Rocks


Image Source

The unique Brimham Rocks are rock formations located in Brimham Moor, England. The rocks stand at a height

of nearly 30 meters in an area owned by the National Trust which is part of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding

Natural Beauty.

Sidobre Peyro


Image Source


Image Source

These incredible balanced rocks are located in Sidobre, France.

Rocking Stone


Image Source

This huge balancing rock named the Rocking Stone is located at Kadov, Czech Republic.

The Sphere


Image Source

This spectacular karst formation is called the Sphere or sometimes known as the Globe is part of the Knockan

Crag, a line of cliffs in Assynt, Scotland. The name means “crag of the small hill”.

Pedra Montada


Image Source

This balanced rock called Pedra Montada is located in Brazil

Torcal De Antequera: Spain


Image Source

This freestyle rock balancing is located in El Torcal de Antequera, a nature reserve in Spain. The area was

designated a Natural Site of National Interest in July 1929, and a Natural Park Reserve of about 17 square

kilometers was created in October 1978.

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