How To Port and Polish Throttle Body

Pictured is a Ram Air style Intake set up used on LS1 style Trans Ams and Camaros, but all intake set ups are basically the same.

First you need to remove the Air Intake from the throttle body (this should be as easy as just slipping it off but may require loosening or removing some screws and unplugging sensors).

Next (this is where the torx bits and screwdrivers may come in handy) remove the throttle body from the intake manifold. Removing the throttle body from the intake manifold may take a few minutes depending on how tight everything is. There may also be a few bolts so you may need a ratchet and some sockets. After removing all the screws, bolts, and unplug the sensors you may have to add some force to break the gasket seal between the intake manifold and throttle body (slight taps by a hammer may be needed).

Now that you have the throttle body off take everything apart. Remove screws, mark the throttle plate or slightly in front of it (You do not want to port past this mark because you will have problems with the plate not closing all the way and then remove the throttle plate (the big circle in the middle of the throttle body that opens and closes).

You can modify the bar that holds the throttle plate in place. But only remove the upper half (or the front half) not the back because that’s where the plate screws into. If you chose to remove the upper half of the bar it will require cutting and its kind of difficult.

Next “Knife Edge the throttle plate. Meaning rather than having the blunt thick edges on the top and bottom of the throttle plate use a grinder or the sanding tool to make it sharp like the edge of a knife. As you get near the sides you don’t have to worry as much since the bar will be there.

Now using your dremel tool with the rough sanding attachment sand from the FRONT down to near your throttle plate mark making sure to NOT go passed it. Make sure to to get rid of the stock bumpy or dull texture and do this to your content in size or texture.

After this is sanded down to a pretty smooth texture not having any rough texture other than sanding marks switch to your finer grit sanding disk and do the same (sand from front to throttle plate mark).

Now that its pretty smooth use your regular sandpaper like an 800 grit to smooth everything out you have sanded including the throttle plate. Then if you want a good mirror finish go to 1000 grit next then maybe even follow up with 1500.

Lastly use your polishing wheel and chrome or metal polish to finish off the inside of the throttle body and throttle plate with a smooth glass like finish.


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