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Of the many different applications available via Facebook, I was particularly drawn to write short reviews on two games which appealed to me the most – Vampire Wars and Barn Buddy. These simple yet addictive games are perfect “side-dishes” for a social networking website which effortlessly provide entertainment for registered users at a click of a button.

Vampire Wars

As the name might suggest, this game centers on vampires, demons and such. Users are presented with a quiz on character creation to best determine the vampire type that suits them the most. The game works on an energy cycle basis, much like most browser MMORPGs available on the internet. That implies that most actions taken would require energy which is replenished on an hourly basis. Basically, players are given missions to complete– some of which would reward you handsomely with Blood(the in-game currency) and with rare abilities. Speaking of which, these abilities are divided into three categories : Offensive, Defensive and Movement.

Offensive abilities determine your attack power while attacking another player and likewise, defensive abilities determine your defensive power when you are under attack. Movement abilities are a mixture of both offensive and defensive abilities.  On top of that, all the abilities boast unique arts and names such as Vampiric Claw, Intoxicating Bite, Demonic Familiar and many more.  Players might also opt for dominating minions which provide Blood on an hourly basis.  These abilities can be bought or as aforementioned, be rewarded from available missions which correspond to players’ level. Overall, this game offers excellent gaming experience and is recommended for all Facebook users.

Barn Buddy

This game is amazingly fun and challenging at the same time. Players are given a farm to be taken care of. They are given the opportunity to generate income via planting crops which range from turnips, tomatoes, corns and many more. The challenge is that as with farms in real world, their virtual counterparts are also subject to various impediments such as overgrown weeds and bugs that cause the crops to wither away eventually. Players must counter this via the use of Weed and Bug sprays available at their disposal appropriately if they wish to have a healthy, well-maintained farm to generate income.

On top of that, another unique feature of the game is the Barn Friends system which allows players to take care of their friends’ farms in their absence.  However, it also allows your friends who also play the game to steal fully grown crops from you, in addition to adding bugs and weeds to your farm! This however can be prevented by purchasing a dog to guard your farm from those unwanted intruders. The game interface is user friendly and the game itself is very easy to familiarise with and as such, this game is highly recommended for users who just wish to relax while basking in the joy of virtual farming.

Be sure to check out these games whenever you crave for simple yet addictive entertainment!

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