Microsoft’s Project Natal or Sony’s Motion Controller

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Microsoft’s Project Natal became the hot topic for many gamers an jorunalists at E3 with its fluid body-based controls linked to a 3D motion sensoring camera which detects every body movement accordingly But not everyone was impressed.

Doug Creutz Gamasutra Industry’s analyst said:

Project Natal is a solution to a Problem that was not there and Sony’s Motion Controllers are better in that perspective.Microsoft’s demo for Project Natal was although very Impressive and received the attention but on the other hand if i think as a Gamer i found Sony’s demo superior in a Gaming perspective.

Microsoft is trying to acquire casual gamers market from Nintendo Wii while on the otherhand Sony is trying to capture and is targeting core gamers market and that is what they should be doing.

Is Microsoft simply copying the Wii or will it really “revolutionize home entertainment” as Microsoft says?

Core Gamers Excited For Project Natal:

Big developers have started to make their feelings known about the motion-controller mania that is already booming the games industry. High Voltage Software, who has just released their motion-heavy FPS game The Conduit for the Nintendo Wii Console, has already started to think of new ideas for Microsoft’s Project Natal camera and Sony’s Motion Controller.

High Voltage Software’s Chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger said in an interview that:

“We are really excited to see Microsoft and Sony moving in this direction and we are eagerly waiting for the new evolution. Both the technologies are very interesting to see because there have been alot of  heated debates on how best to utilize them,” said Nofsinger.

The Conduit is gaining critical success for its fluid motion control scheme, but is High Voltage developing any favoritism toward one of the techs?

“The team here does not have a favorite yet , but we are definitely looking forward to it and also thinking  about the possibilities the hardware peripherals afford. We believe our Wii experience might give us a competitive advantage,” added Nofsinger.”

“Overall it is exciting to see hardware manufactures trying new things. I think that’s good for everyone; gamers and developers.”


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