8 Tips to Feel Good on Your Cruise

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A cruise will be a magical vacation and will be enjoyed by all. A lot of people are self conscious about what to wear and what they look like in the sun. You need not worry about how you look or how other people look at you with these top tips to feel good on your vacation.

1. Shed the layers. 
During the winter you might hide under heavy clothes but this is summer vacation time and its time to shed the clothes. Dont be scared, shedding them is liberating. Look at yourself in the mirror. It will boost your confidence.

2. Practice inner positivity. 
Confidence is just a state of mind so stop putting yourself down and compliment yourself like you compliment others.

3. Give your diet an overhaul. 
Making an effort to eat more healthily is empowering. Writing down what you eat and what emotional state you have on that day will help pinpoint your weakness. Eat healthy and your mood will elevate accordingly.

4. Stand tall. 
If you are feeling low your posture will reflect it. Stand up straight, head level with spine, shoulders and face relaxed. Your mood will lift, you will feel less tense and will generally feel better.

5. Enjoy the sun. 
People often say they feel happier when the sun shines and it is thought that the body produces endorphins when we’re in the sun….But obviously use plenty of sunscream.

6. Create good memories. 
One of the best ways to send your confidence sky high is to direct energy you’d spend fixating about your body into doing something that makes you feel good. Whatever gives you a buzz will make you feel good, it’s that simple.

7. Pose like a pro. 
While we might cower at the site of a camera lens, the pros immediately turn on the style. For an instant boost you could borrow some of the celeb posing techniques. Regardless of whether you are in front of the mirror or in front of the camera it will give you confidence and make you feel great.

8. Dress to impress. 
Don’t save all your celeb dresses for best. Mix it up and wear them more regularly with different accessories.

Above all, enjoy your cruise and relax. Confidence is the key to enjoying yourself in the sun. Follow these tips and it will make your vacation even more enjoyable than it would be.


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