Cruise Tips – 15 Tips to Make Your Cruise More Enjoyable

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A cruising holiday is not everybody’s cup of tea, but recently the cruise line industry is reporting huge increases in the amount of visitors.

Cruising can be a mysterious holiday for most first timers and there will be things you either didn’t consider or didn’t realise. A cruise is a magical vacation idea and we have put a few tips together to make your trip even more magical.

1. Use a professional travel agent for your booking. Preferably a specialist cruise agent. The difference is astounding. They can book everything for you, from shore excursions to when and where you will eat on board.

2. Book a suitable cruise. Do your homework and check that the cruise is suitable for you and your fellow travellers. If you have children make sure the cruise is suitable for kids. If you don’t like kids then book a cruise that doesn’t cater for them.

3. Cell phones don’t work at sea! Take walkie talkies so you can communicate with your travel companions.

4. Eat at the second dinner. Book the second seating for your dinner. This will give you more time for your shore excursions and will mean you aren’t rushing back to get dinner.

5. Rent a car. It is often cheaper for a group of people to rent a car instead of paying for shore excursions. Book it in advance so you can just pick it up for the day when you arrive at shore.

6. Request a large table for dining. The cruise line will try and match you up with similar people and you can make some new friends.

7. Take the kids. If you have kids then check the suitability of the cruise before you book. Most have kids clubs and activities as well as baby sitting services. Check that your kids are old enough before you book.

8. In cabin baby sitting is great! Take advantage of it, especially with young kids. It will be the same baby sitter throughout the cruise and they are always professionals who love kids.

9. Eat early. I know that this contradicts the point above. If you have kids you will need to choose the early dinner because kids usually wont wait until 8 o’clock.

10. Buy the drinks bracelet. The drinks will work out cheaper if you buy the bracelet.

11. Don’t buy all the photos as soon as you can. There will be a sale of them at the end of the cruise and you will get them much cheaper.

12. Expect to tip. The waiters only make about $35 a week so they need the tips to make up their wages.

13. Get a balcony if you don’t like crowds. The ship decks do get quite crowded but a private balcony is a great retreat from the crowds.

14. Read the ships activities every night, you don’t want to miss a thing.

15. Dress codes. Obey the dress codes. Most ships do have a dress code even if they don’t mention it in the brochure. Take a smart set of clothes just in case.

Cruising is fun and exciting vacation choice. One you will never forget. Follow our advice and cruise your way to the most magical and relaxing vacation you have ever experienced. Have fun and let your every day troubles drift away.


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