My Happiness – Episode 3 – Think Positive – Part 3/3

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(Malini is cutting potatoes while thinking about the reaction that everyone gave to Thahmin’s gifts. Snaps are shown when everyone were delighted and thankful to Thahmin but not to Malini)

Malini – (thinking) its so strange. Usually when I buy many stuff for the family members, they thank me so dearly but today they didn’t say a word!

Is it that they didn’t expect Thahmin to give them all something? Maybe. But I shouldn’t think that Thahmin is being more respected than I am supposed to be. Well whatever!

(Malini accidentally cuts her index finger on her right hand making it bleed. Akhtar rushes along close to her)


Akhtar – Malini (holding Malini’s right hand) what have you done? What childishness is this? You have been cooking in this kitchen for five years and you still cut yourself? Shame on you! Don’t worry come with me we’ll get some tissues and a plaster!

(Akhtar skitters off with Malini. After they reach the living room Malini hears the backdoor close)


Malini – hey sister in law I think someone has come let me go and check!

Akhtar – not after you wear this!

Scene 8 – In Thahmin’s Room


(Imdad enters Thahmin’s room but finds no one there)


Imdad – Thahmin? Thahmin its me Imdad where are you?

(Imdad walks around the room looking everywhere but there is no sign of Thahmin. Imdad notices a letter on the desk. He reads it and his face turns very shocked)


Imdad – What? Thahmin has left the house and ran away?


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