Why NBA Rookie Ricky Rubio Won’t Play Ball in Minnesota

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I’m sure there was plenty of people happy up in Minnesota when the Timberwolves selected highly ranked NBA rookie prospect Ricky Rubio from Spain. I don’t think Ricky Rubio and his family were among those individuals happy about the pick. There had been comments in the past that he didn’t want to play in a cold weather city or that he wanted to play for a good franchise. Well both of those are strikes against Minnesota at the moment.

The young NBA rookie prospect from Spain brings alot to the table for any team. At just 18 years old there is a world of potential for Ricky Rubio but he already has proven in the Olympics that he can compete with NBA talent. The young man is considered a point guard with his 6’5 and 190 pound frame but at just 18 years old there is a chance he could still grow in the upcoming years.

The most puzzling thing about the 2009 NBA draft was that the Minnesota Timberwolves took Ricky Rubio and then took two other point guards with the 6th and 18th picks in the draft. Now granted that they traded the 18th pick Ty Lawson it was still puzzling to say the least. There are plenty of sources around the league that think the Minnesota Timberwolves took Ricky Rubio with every intention of trading him to another team. At the moment supposedly the New York Knicks are trying to swing a deal to land the NBA rookie prospect from Spain.

In what could be a huge swing in things the young  player skipped his introduction press conference and his father made the statement that he would probably rather play another year or two in Spain than play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. That has to be a blow to the brass up there within the organization. Regardless the general manager made the statement that he is just 18 years old so they would wait for a year or two which is more than likely a ploy to make teams think they have to trade for Ricky Rubio.


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