How to escape losing your entire files on your computer

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Just like that, I lost everything. All my files were gone and even when I took it for repair; they could not help me to locate my files. You need to be there to see the way I cried my heart out. 

That one incident taught me so much and I made up my mind never to let it happened again and that’s why I am glad to share this with you so that you will not make the same mistake.

Losing your entire files can happen anytime even if you are not well prepared for this.

Do not SAVE your files in C DRIVE (LOCAL DISK).  If you already done that or you are in the habit of doing such; then you have to stop it immediately.  Go ahead and SAVE your file in D DRIVE (LOCALDISK). This is where you can relax back and not worried about losing anything. 

Saving all your entire files in D (D:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK) is a great advantage and you risk nothing doing this. If anything happened all of a sudden to your PC, you will be able to restore your files because they are safe in the D (D:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK) but if they are in the C (C:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK); there are little chances of restoring them.

1)      Click START icon to open the Start menu, go on and click on COMPUTER. A wide window will open displaying C (C:), D (D:) and DVD RW (E:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK).

2)      Click on the C DRIVE (LOCAL DISK). All your programmes will display. Click on USERS to open. There will be two users normally (One will be yours with the name you registered on the PC initially and the second indicates PUBLIC).  SELECT the USER with your REGISTERED NAME and CLICK it.

3)      Look for DOCUMENT.  Then DOUBLE CLICK on it to open it.  You can as well RIGHT CLICK it and then click OPEN or EXPLORE.

4)      Once it opens, press down CTRL + A at the same time to have all the files in the DOCUMENT selected.

5)      RIGHT CLICK and go on to click COPY.

6)      Close DOCUMENT; and return to COMPUTER where you first clicked on C (C:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK).

7)      Now, go on and DOUBLE CLICK the D (D:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK). In it, you will see the folder titled DOCUMENT.

8)      DOUBLE CLICK or RIGHT CLICK and then press OPEN to have it on.

9)      Place your cursor in the middle of the opened DOCUMENT.

10)   RIGHT CLICK and then press PASTE.  Instantly, you will have all the files you copied from C (C:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK) appear in the D (D:) DRIVE (LOCAL DISK).

Depending on PC, you may not see and DOCUMENT folder when you open the D (D:) DRIVE(LOCAL DISK). Just PASTE your files in it and that’s all.

Remember, save yourself the pain of losing your precious files. Good luck.


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