The easy way to convert your photos to video using Windows Live movie maker beta

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Windows live movie maker Beta is NOT the same as Windows movie maker, which normally comes already with a new PC.  Being Beta is just what makes it different, I mean the interface, the page that looks like Microsoft word 2007 and its simplicity.

Despite these distinct differences, I get comfortable using either of them.

I want to show you how to maximise this Windows live Movie Maker Beta to your greatest advantages.

1)      Download the software from here; . Once you have it installed, CLICK it open to have it page.

Or if you already have it installed on your PC and you need to look for it in your programme, Click START on the desktop to open the Start menu.  Click on the ‘ALL PROGRAMMES’ to have the entire programmes on display, and then search for Windows Live Movie maker Beta.

Another way to search rapidly for it is Click START to open the Start menu. Go on, type ‘WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER BETA’ inside the search box underneath ‘All programmes’. If you have it installed, it will show up immediately.

2)     Now that you have the software open, go to the main bar. Click on HOME. You will notice there are two ADD; one with celluloid image and the other having the musical icon. Ignore the second icon for latter (We will refer to it). Click on the first ADD (with the celluloid icon) to have a box pop-up showing your PC directory.  Go to your IMAGE (Pictures/Photos). Select a photo. Click OPEN. It will display on the both of the big viewer of the movie maker and also as a thumbnail.

3)     Do not bother about this because any photo you add will both show up as thumbnail and also on the big viewer.  Go back to click on the FIRST ADD (with the celluloid icon) to have the same box pop-up and select the photo you want, and then click OPEN. You will have to repeat the same process to select many photos you want on your video.

4)     To DELETE a photo, simply PLACE YOUR CURSOR on the photo to HIGHLIGHT it. Click on REMOVE button, which you will see beside the FIRST ADD where you clicked to obtain your photo.

5)     To add visual effect, click the photo you wish to put the effect. The photo will appear on the big viewer so that you can preview it. Go to the main bar, click on VISUAL EFFECT (it is rightly beside HOME button).  You will see TRANSITIONS and EFFECTS.

The TRANSITIONS are four types as you can notice. I have listed them below for you in their normal order

a)     No Transition (I guess you understand that this means)

b)     Crossfade (A slow motion fade in of your photo)

c)      Slide (This slides the photo from up to down)

d)     Roll (You photo will roll in from the right side)

             The EFFECTS are seven types

a)     No effect

b)     Black and White (if you photo is coloured, it will automatically turns to black and white if you click on this effect)

c)      Black and White (Orange Filter) (A little bit of orange effect)

d)     Black and White (Red Filter) (Almost as in above but with lighter texture)

e)     Black and White (Yellow Filter) (To me, it’s same as in Orange filter)

f)       Black and White (Sepia Tone) (Totally different, given your photo the look of the 1930s image)

g)     Black and White (Cyan Tone) (Deep marine blue and I love it)

You are free to apply free to make your choice among the transitions and effects and you may want to leave your photos as they are. Like I stated above, the choice is yours.

6)     To add text INTO your photo, click EDIT on the main bar. Make sure you have selected the photo you want to add the text to by PLACING YOUR CURSOR on it to HIGHLIGHT and ensure it shows on the big viewer.  Once you open the EDIT box, look on the upper left for a button called TEXT BOX with a icon ‘A’. Click on it. A rectangular box will appear on your photo in the big viewer. Start typing what you want to write on the photo.

You can edit the font and sizes as you want. Everything is in the EDIT box. If by any mistake you move from what you write and the box disappear though you still see your words, do not panic, go back and click TEXT BOX button and the rectangular box will return to highlight your written words so that you can edit

7)     To add music, Click on EDIT. Now you are going to make use of the second ADD instead, which is the one with the music icon. Click on it and it will take you directly to your music file in your PC. Choose the track you want and click OPEN. Your chosen musical track will appear beneath the big viewer. All the same, you can remove the track by clicking the REMOVE button beside the ADD button with the music icon.

To adjust the music to your movie, simply click FIT button near the ADD music button. This is one of the advantages. It is shrink your movie with the music even if your photos are five in number and the music is about 5:00 minutes.

8)    To save your movie, use the SAVE icon on the upper left just above the big viewer or in the main bar, go to FILE, and click on it to have a short scroll down box. Be free to choose SAVE or SAVE AS.

To PUBLISH your movie, there are two ways:

a)     Click on HOME in the main bar. Then go ahead to click on PUBLISH, which will give you two options;

  • Soapbox on MSN video. If you click on this, a small box will open asking you on sign in with your window live, hotmail username and password. If you don’t have this, then there is no need using this option unless you want to sign up newly and you can do that right there.  Just click on SIGN-UP in the box.
  • Add plug-in

b)     In the HOME in main bar, click on OUTPUT, which is the next beside the Publish button. And here also, you have two options;

  • Windows Media DVD Quality (.WMV)

640×480, 2.8Mbps, 30fps

  • Windows Media Portable Device (.WMV)

320×240, 1.5Mbps, 30fps

 For several usages, I suggest you choose from the OUTPUT and of course the first option that is the WINDOWS MEDIA DVD QUALITY. You can use it countless of times even on YouTube and Facebook.


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