Generators for RV’s

If you are in the market to purchase an RV generator so that your RV becomes self-contained, and gives you instant electricity, you should be aware that there are two types of generators: a gas generator and a diesel generator.

The gas generator may run into problems after one month of purchase if it sits idle and is not used and exercised. So monthly exercising of your new generator is important if you want it to function properly.

When purchasing a generator, make sure you know that the generator will usually get its fuel supply from the RV’s fuel tank. When the fuel tank is low, the generator will shut down automatically so the fuel does not get used up.

Since the generator gives off carbon monoxide, daily exhaust inspection is critical. When using a portable generator, the exhaust should be tested before being used and it should be directed away from the camping or RV area.

You can use the generator while travelling; in fact it is more fuel efficient to run a roof mounted air conditioner, than to use the air inside the RV. Do not run a generator in a sleep area or during the night due to the noise and the possible danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

RV generators are very dependable and in most cases, if preserved properly will outlast the RV, just make sure you maintain and exercise your RV generator, and use it. If your generator sits for a while, it will run into surging problems and will eventually break down.

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