What Will Climate Change do to The Environment?

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Green jobs are jobs in the field of Renewable Energy or energy that is generated from a natural resource such as rain, wind, sunlight, geothermal heat and tides.  A lot of energy consumption comes from these natural renewable sources.  Wood burning and hydroelectricity and solar hot water heating are another type of renewable energy source that come from burning wood, from water as well as from the sun. Some project managers working in Green Job companies usually design, evaluate and manage commercial solar thermal projects.  Third parties such as dealers, integrators and installers will work with these managers who will be their technical resource link to the project at hand.

There are a couple of different Green Jobs, as there are also various environmentally friendly companies who are responsible to improve, rather than harm the environment. One job site that is in this field is called Greenjobs.com and many jobs are available on that site. This company, with its headquarters in California, was launched in 2004 to provide employment worldwide in the field of renewable energy with the idea in mind to be recognized as the leading renewable energy employment service provider.

Climate Change

Recently due to climate change and high prices for oil, there has been a lot of government support for renewable energy incentives and legislation. In Europe it was decided that by the year 2020, 20% of the energy produced should come from renewable energy sources.  This was also done due to global warming issues and the drive to reduce carbon dioxide emission.  That is why it has been noted that investments have been directed into renewable energy, and specifically in 2006, $100 billion went into these types of projects.  It was also reported that the IEA (International Energy Agency) had stated that renewable energy can help replace current technology by 50% by the year 2050.

How and Where to Look for a Green Job


Many Universities have professors that are working both in the field of research, as well as teaching the fundamentals of going green and doing environmental work in various disciplines such as engineering, marketing and science.  There are valuable opportunities for students who are seeking a career in Green Jobs by assisting these professors while in school.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are an excellent place to learn more about Green Job possibilities, and these fairs can also be a great learning experience, especially since the staff in the human resources departments in these job fairs offer their individual and undivided attention to job seekers and students interested to learn more about Green Jobs and their availability in the marketplace.

Environmental Defense Companies

There are also Environmental Defense companies which offer Green Jobs and these companies work hand-in-hand with such companies as Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, DuPont and FedEx to assist them in finding ways to transform themselves by means of green technology, moreover this can sometimes revolutionize the method in which these companies begin to do business.

Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations and environmental groups often offer summer jobs or internships in their companies for those interested in gaining experience in the Green Jobs work force.  Ten years ago for those seeking an environmental job they were faced with less analysis, less creativity and less opportunity for people with various backgrounds, but nowadays all this has changed.


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