Short Handed Poker Play

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Aside from the basic rules of playing poker, there are a number of poker information that you can read at online poker forums. New and updates and tips and strategies are also tackled among the discussion boards of online poker forum websites. Below is something about short-handed play that is also discussed among pokerforum topics.

You might be surprised to know that skilled players often fall apart during short-handed play. It is like they are not able to adjust the strategy they are playing with a few people, with more frequent number of blinds. Below is a short list of the common mistakes often committed when playing short-handed poker games you should avoid:


Playing dog in a manger

It is but natural to try defending your blinds since you did not trying to do so, you will likely be short-stacked.

Often, defending your bets would give you chances of raising and re-raising while trying to scarce off your own opponents in the game.

Playing suited connectors

This is alright if you are playing in a regular game, than means if you are the blind or the button in the game. However, you should think twice of you are not in those positions and you are just holding small suited connectors in a game that is short-handed. The highly recommended action is to fold instead of hoping that these cards will eventually go away.



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