Quick and easy recipes for picnics this summer

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Here are some quick and easy recipes for picnics and parties this summer. These all take little preparation time and appear as if you spend at day cooking. Summer picnics are meant for relaxing and these recipes will help you relax more and still have great tasting food.

Campfire baked beans makes enough to feed a family of 60 people as it is written, but you can easily use less of each ingredient to make enough for a smaller family. Imagine a great pot of cheesy beans with sausage and more cooking on your campfire. The aroma will be tempting to everyone else around you. You can also prepare this on the stovetop to take to a potluck but it is perfect for camping.

Feeding the kids while you are camping can be a chore because we parents get tired of being creative and want to relax. Here are some quick and easy kid friendly foods for fussy eaters and those kids, which seem to get bored so easily.

This July 4th menu can be served anytime, for any type of summer vacation to make it more special. Again these are quick and easy recipes to help you relax more on the vacation.

Quick and Easy Cakes for potlucks and picnics are super simple and delicious. All are basics cakes with a few additions, like fruit and cool whip. These will store well, take a few ingredients and are perfect for your summer get together. Cakes are always a hit so there you will not have to worry about leftovers.

Quick and easy homemade ice cream additions turn plain homemade ice cream into a special treat. Coconut, chocolate candy bars, mini marshmallows and more all help turn a tasty treat into sinful goodness.

Quick and easy creamy parfaits are perfect for camping and picnics this summer. Make them up ahead of time, or make them on the spot if storage is limited. All of these parfaits are made with pudding, jell-o, or ice cream and are perfect on a hot day.

Easy July 4 party desserts snow capped mountains, which is an angel food cake cut in chunks and put in a bowl. Then you pour in some chocolate pudding and top it with cool whip. Even more simple recipes when you visit that article.

Egg less Banana Bread is quick and easy so make a few loafs for any picnics or potlucks you attend this year.

Every picnic or party needs to have some safe summer fun and this article shares some neat ideas our large family has fun. Games, a cook-off, and other fun ideas are included here.


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