Yuvraj in Prime Form

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Yuvraj really saved the day for the Indians.  His impact is not new to Indian cricket and on Indian cricket.  Some years back it was Sunil Gavaskar, then the Record Master, Sachin Tendulkar ruled and is still doing so, showing his vintage form.  And as his career is coming to a glories end, his place will not be empty – so thinks Yuvraj.
    From his sensational partnership with Mohd. Kaif against England in the Natwest Series while chasing a near impossible 320+ score, to his 6 sixes in an over in the T20 World Cup match against England, from mind boggling catches to sensetional piece of fieldings to run batsmen out, we all have seen what Yuvraj is capable of.  A true one day specialist and a one man army.

A one day specialist, a one day specialist !  How long will we hear this?  And really, who wants to hear it?  If he is a one day specialist, then does this mean he is no good for Tests?  How good he is at one dayers – and even better in the shortest form T20 – we all have seen.  And how important he is in Tests , this fact he has proved himself.  And each cricketing buff has seen it, and knows it. He was ignored for the Tests all these many months shows in the fact that Yuvraj has played only Test in more than 12 months now.
    There was a time when Sachin Tendulkar was understood in the team.  That was because of his merits.  No one ever questioned his inclusion.  Again because that was because of his merits.  But had he not been included, then the selectors were surly questionable.  First Sachin was ”selected”, then the captain + 9 others.  Such an impact this little Champ possesses.  The same can and should happen now the Yuvraj.
    He has proved himself time and again.  With his bat doing the talking, he silenced his critics.  He literally made them dumb.  His exquisite cuts, drives and pulls are a cooling stuff to the eyes.  Ears love to hear his bat coming hard to the ball.
    His fielding abilities are second only to the great Jonty Rhodes.  Known as the Indian Jonty Rhodes, he has proved his point at point all the time.  His back to back centuries agaisnt England in November can be remembered at this stage.


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