Steps To Create ODBC Data Source

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Well there are many types of ODBC Data Source we can create. It is very simple to create datasource. I know most of the people are aware of this steps but this is for those who are new to this and now starting learning and exploring new things!!

I am going to tell you here for txt/csv ODBC Data Source. Steps will remain same for all other steps..

So here we go..

ODBC Data Source For *.txt, *.csv files.

Go to:
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)

Below Dialog will come up.


Click on “Add” button and select “Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt, *.csv)” and Click on Finish button.


Now Specify the Name as mentioned in the below dialog.

Also “Uncheck” – “Use Current Directory” check box and select the Directory where your all CSV files are stored (Windows Machine Local Folder).


Data Source will be added to “User DSN” Tab as shown in the below image.



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