Diablo II Cheats and Mods

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Throughout the years the folks at Blizzard Entertainment have produced for us video game nerds some very popular role-playing games via the Diablo series. This set of games mostly evolves around online play where people can team up with others from around the globe choosing different kinds of warriors to do battle against the various forces of evil. The interest comes from where you level up building a character while gaining items and weapons to increase skills as well.

In Diablo II there are some cheats and mods to use to make the game a little different or easier under some situations. Some of the more interesting Diablo II cheats and mods to mention here involve making the game harder and changing some of the controls. If you press enter it will allow for something to be entered to produce a certain action. If someone were to press enter and type /nopickup then they would have to press alt and then click on the item. This can be real handy in crowded situations.

As I mentioned above Diablo II cheats and mods are handy but the ones changing the difficulty and item drops are very handy. If you use the same action mentioned above but instead enter /players 2 it will make the enemies on the game slightly harder but they will drop better items and give more experience than normal. This can be done using the same method going all the way up to /players 8 which makes the creatures on the game extremely difficult and boss characters almost impossible to beat.


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