Are you not happy? Why?

Are You Not Happy? Why?

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Centuries have elapsed in search of material comforts and spiritual joy. Still you ask a person if he is happy or if he has spent a life with happiness surrounded, he will have no answer. He will stare at you silently, as if, silently to hurl a question at you: Happiness! What is that? Happiness! Yes, I have heard of it.

It is still funny that you will hardly know if you are happy or not and that at the same time you will read happiness in the face of anyone other than you. The present author humbly states that he does not have the glorious capacity to delve deep into what is at the source of the feelings that people call happiness. This article is not aimed at understanding or interpreting concept of competitive advantage or any other such. This article will contain a few tips which may help one reach closure to what you term as happiness.

Be true to thyself:

Your face turns gloomy if a desire remains unfulfilled. Have you asked yourself if you do deserve what you want to achieve? Have you asked yourself if you are well aware of the prevailing conditions that raise hindrances at every stage and that emergence of such hindrances are directly or indirectly instrumented by all of us? The people of India or Pakistan and of many other countries are annoyed with their political leadership.  Now these political leaders stem from the existing people only and retain their qualities and shortcomings. They are mediocre and sometimes ignorant and even at times they are tied to the crime world.  Adding values to them only the situation may be changed. We should, therefore, learn to weigh ourselves and learn how to value a thing.

Value the valuable:

If you ask yourself what value you have added to the surroundings you may fumble. We must know what is valuable. You should not try to get something without paying a little or achieve anything simply through short-cuts. You should not think that victory stands await you as you have acquired showmanship. True it is that you will not be valuable unless you have been able to add value to a thing. Hence if for any failure you are frustrated it does not signify anything. You are frustrated for no reason. A successful man walks over many failures. He becomes successful as he is indomitable and as he has learned what is valued and how a value is added. This indicates that he is nearer to reality and that he may experience what you call happiness.

Be a realist:

When you are told to be a realist it is expected that you will know the things around you, things that are made of matter and also not made of matter. You will know laws of physics and at the same time you must study the mind of men. The more you will be able to relate yourself with soil and water and springs and rivers and wood and with the ever-increasing urban civilization and its people, the more you will find happiness as illusive. You will also find that happiness may not be anything which is such necessary for you. Vedavyasa, the greatest bard of the Mahabharata, was a realist. He had searched the ins and outs of the Hastinapura kingdom and searched and researched everything of it closely and also from such a distance which was imperative for an artist only. Hence the battle of Kurukshetra is a battle for the restoration of virtues and at the same time it is the worst of the thing depicted in the great epic of the ancient India because only a handful of people have been allowed to remain alive after the battle was over. Yet Vedavyasa was not a pragmatist. A pragmatist identifies the things around him and knows how to use them to his advantages and he manages to get what he wants by any means. Still his approach towards life is not positive and he cannot play a role of a contributor. He is such as he has not learned to dream.

No dream no happiness:

Do you have a dream? Is it a huge one?  Or a small one it is? You will notice when a people in a given territory at a given time feel stirred to achieve something they bother little for what happiness stands. During a freedom struggle in any country which has been occupied by the aliens the face of people will be like this. The pre-1947 Indians may be remembered. In the sixth decade of the last century we have observed the black people under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. with the same vigor. Instances are not rare. But your dream or your desire to aspire for something is replete with the aspiration of the time. People in the time of the Budhha thought such slogans as ‘Buddham smaranam gochchhami, Dharmam smaranam gochchhami, Somghom smaranam gochchhami’.  (I am moving to have a shelter of Lord Buddha and Religion and Organization.) The clarion call of ‘Workers of the world, unite!’ was inconceivable almost a century before. Hence the pertinent question stands like this: Do we know our time? Yes, our time has been fettered by the concept of globalization and the madness of the market economy. Shutters of the shops and the factories are being closed teasing the so-called free competition of the free market. And you want to be happy alone and being one of us when fire is evident everywhere not to remove darkness but to cause destructions. Yes, we have confessed that our globe has been warming and that we do not find anything wrong when we have been warring in different parts of the globe. Still how will you know your time if you have not learned to question from the early school days?

What is your question?

A section of our people loves to sweat in the field of political administration. For reasons that favor them only they have attempted to tame us all.  They have been successful and unsuccessful in this goal. But we have practiced not to question each and everything. Thus you do not have a question. Hence you do not have an answer too, even in respect of happiness. The questions would have been like these:

What is happiness? Is the person really happy whom I consider happy? How a person can achieve happiness? Is there practically anything that we call happiness? Well, I am a poor man in comparison to many. Well, I do not have such beautiful things which another person has. Is he happy for these? People of some centuries back have not things of luxury as we have today. They have no idea of machines that save our time and that produce beautiful commodities which are very helpful to us and which have awarded us much comfort. Still are we happier than them? Are we happier than a Shakespeare or a Kalidasa or a Newton or a De Vinci? Were they not happy?

We have not learned to question. We have sacrificed questioning.

Young people are the question box

Questions arise in the mind of a boy or a girl. Yes, still it does arise. It does not develop as we do suppress it almost always. So, spare a little time of your life for the youth. The first time they see a rose and questions raise tiny heads in their mind. This leads to the wonderful realm of discourses. It is a colorful world of differences and arguments and visionaries. And a new lesson you will find in this space. You have a tale to tell and others have too. They are ready to listen to what you will tell and it is their natural expectation that you too will listen to in reciprocation. Yes, you will listen and consider if there is truth in them. This will teach us to be democrat, that is, to consider and respect stories of others. Thus you will acquire perseverance and toleration. Thus we will realize the importance of our existence and importance of the present time and essence of happiness in their context.

Be a busy bee in your time

It is sad that we hardly live in our time. We generally move to the past and feel that in the past days have been golden and that we have been living in a torture chamber. Otherwise, we go straight to the future. Then also we feel pain as the future is uncertain and convincingly bleak and a sense of insecurity appears straight to attack us. But reaching to the future only we evaluate the past and it gives us pleasure and some consolation sometimes. Why then we will not live in the present time and dream to drink life to the bottom? Music is there, film is there, flowers are in the garden, a blue sky is above and young gal and guys are moving around like beautiful butterflies. Test it, chew it and devour it. Pay attention to small things and big things too. The river Colorado has been cleaned. Remember the venture and you will feel happy if you want to be. Let us hope that the curse of the Lehman Bros will not last long. Your child will not return as a boomerang kid. One day we will be able to find peace and non-violence everywhere. One day frowning of global warming will be a thing of the past. One day there will be no war and never there will it be.

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