How find e-books from the internet: (Part 2)

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In the internet there are some servers that have a lot of fans, one these sites is Almost everyone who has tried to share some files with medium size has heard the name of this site. At the same time Google gives us the privilege to search inside the forums and blogs without actually visiting them. Now using the above two descriptions we can find a lot of books with just searching the name of the book plus “”. For example, we want to find and download a book with the title: “my book title” which is a free e-book:

In the Google search box type:

“my book title” and “”

Now in the search results look for a logical file name, if found, copy to the address to the address bar and simply download it.

There also other sites like, such as 4shared and so on, which you will come across them while searching for your e-books. It is very important to follow the copy right and not to download and distribute the files against the copy rights.

The other way you can find your favorite books is using peer2peer networks:

Many people share their files on the P2P networks, such as emule, edonkey and so on. The only problem is here that most of the P2P networks are slow and you may find a book but it take 2,3 weeks for you to be able to download it.

The last and the most powerful way is searching in Usenet newsgroups , most of the ISP support customers with the access to the newsgroups, in the news groups you can search and download your favorite books easily.

The USENET is a messaging system that has “Newsgroup hierarchies” these hierarchies are used to classify the newsgroups, for example if the name of the group starts with “sci” it means that it’s a scientific group.

Using the mentioned techniques I have always been to find whatever I need except for a few choices, and I always have tried my best to follow they copy right roles, which I recommend everyone to do so.


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