The Real Clubber Lang

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Who can ever forget Mr. T playing Clubber Lang in Rocky III. I mean the catchphrases are classic ” I pity the fool” “Dead meat” and “My prediction: Pain.” and just the overall mean attitude that he brought to the screen was amazing. He was a intimidating character just to watch on film imagine actually being face to face with such a person in the ring?

Little is known about Clubber Lang before or after his fights with Rocky Balboa in the series. Obviously he had to obtain a pretty good record to be considered the number one contender in the world. Not only this but Mickey said he was unbeatable so I think it’s safe to assume he had a pretty impressive record and was probably undefeated as a professional. They did say that he had never been to a decision so he finished all of his fights.

According to some sources the Rocky III character Clubber Lang was said to be an orphaned youth that spent most of his early life growing up on the rough streets of Chicago getting into trouble and living a tough life. He spent 5 years in prison as an adult for felony and assault and supposedly this is where he found boxing as a way to release his anger and frustrations.

It is often said that Clubber Lang is based on a mixture of George Foreman and Larry Holmes. The comparison to George Foreman comes from his power to put away opponents that a younger George Foreman displayed time and time again. The comparison to Larry Holmes comes from his resentment towards the media an area where Larry Holmes also showed his displeasure at times. I think the comparison to George Foreman is very interesting considering that Apollo Creed taught Rocky Balboa how to beat Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed was based on Muhammed Ali a man that beat George Foreman.


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