It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!

We come across many political, economic and social evils in India in our day today life. But the tendency of most of us is going on blaming the system or cursing the evils when we come across them in our day today life.

We also accuse others for the evils plaguing the society. But we do nothing to eradicate such evils from the society.

For example our political system is thoroughly corrupted. We have social evils like dowry system, the problem of beggary etc. We have problems like inflation and unemployment etc in the economic front. Still we successfully raise our accusing fingers on others for the above mentioned evils and manage to escape and keep ourselves aloof from others, just looking at other victims who fall a prey to such social evils and cursing those who are committing such evils.

But we should not forget that we are part and parcel of this corruptive society plagued by other social and economic evils. In my humble opinion we can do and contribute our own bit in an effective way to eradicate the maladies mentioned above.We need not go for full time campaigning against such evils. But when we personally come across such issues we can set an example for others by dealing with those issues in our own way.

When corruption has become the order of the day, one can remain non-corruptive in an effective way, by setting an example for others, thereby setting the wheel of anti-corruption into motion, though it may not run faster initially.

Similarly, dowry is the worst system, consigning many a victims to flame, sending many a spouses and in-laws to imprisonment. But we need not peep into a neighbor’s house to preach against the evil. But we ourselves can strictly eschew from the system, when we come across the marriage of our wards, thereby effectively contribute our own remedy to eradicate the system.

Another social evil that we come across in our day to day life is the problem of beggars. Especially when we go to temples,we can see their congregation. Most of the beggars are either old people or physically challenged people. We should sympathize with them for they have no other go except to beg to eke out their livelihood. But there are certain people who prefer begging despite of having a good physique and energy. We should simply shun and abhor them so as to discourage such people from begging.

Thus, when we come across the political, social and economic evils in the society, what we can do is to play our own role in a possible way to effectively check the evil to some extent and thereby contribute our own bit to refine and uplift the society. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Is it not?

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