Michael Jackson Feared He Would End Up Like Elvis Presley

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Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the original King of Rock and Roll, who was married to Michael Jackson many years ago recently posted a Myspace blog defending her relationship with the recently deceased Superstar. Though they once shared an incredibly awkward public kiss on MTV, Presley insisted that their relationship had been legitimate.

While Presley admitted that her relationship with Jackson had been “unusual”, she stated that she believes that he loved her “as much as he was capable of loving anyone” and that she loved him very much. She was extremely annoyed by the implication that the relationship was anything less than genuine although many speculated that it may have been contrived. She stated her reasons for splitting from the “King of Pop” as being related to his self destructive behaviors.

Presley also stated that Jackson was a tortured soul and that he confided in her that he feared he would ultimately end up the way her father had. What he meant by this is up for interpretation. But it seems to have been a self fulfilling prophecy. Both men were incredibly gifted talents with wildly successful careers. Both men sold record numbers of albums and were adored the world over. And both men died well before their time. Elvis died at 42 of a heart attack after a prolonged problem with drugs.

Lisa Marie wrote that she became exhausted and spiritually drained from trying in vain to save Michael from his self destructive behaviors and their relationship ultimately ended. She called the break up her biggest failure in life and commented that it brought back memories of her own father’s death in August of 1977, something she hoped she would never see again.


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