What Will Happen to Michael Jackson’s Children

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There has been much speculation in the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death regarding his health problems, his alleged addiction to prescription painkillers, his finances, his increasing reclusiveness, etc. But front and center on many people’s minds is what will become of Michael Jackson’s three children Prince Michael (12), Paris (11) and Prince Michael II (7). Prince Michael II who has also been referred to as “Blanket”, was reportedly born to a surrogate mother whose identity has never been revealed. Jackson’s other two children were born to Debbie Rowe, a nurse who married Michael Jackson and divorced after 3 years.

While the children are still with a nanny, family attorney and friend Brian Oxman suggested that he believes the children will eventually be placed with Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson. He also speculated that this would mark the beginning of a legal battle for the deceased singer’s children along with his estate. It has not been reported at this time whether or not Michael Jackson left instructions in his will as to who would care for his minor children should anything happen to him, but Debbie Rowe would have a valid case if she were to file for custody of Michael’s two eldest children Prince Michael and Paris. Even though Debbie Rowe reportedly waived all parental rights to her two children when she divorced Jackson, in actuality that decision was overruled by a judge. She and Jackson reached a private agreement where she retained all her parental rights to her children. It is unknown what would happen with Michael’s youngest son “Blanket” if the two older children go to Rowe


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