Is real beauty on the outside or the inside ?

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Is real beauty on the outside or the inside?

Beauty is a quality or the deeds that give intense pleasure or satisfaction to you or another person. While your physical appearance like your color, your facial structure, height, hair style, grace and charm constitute your outward beauty, your characteristic qualities like integrity, truthfulness and your originality form your inner beauty.

When you are not satisfied with your outward beauty, you make artificial efforts to improve or enhance it by visiting a beauty parlor and undergoing facial washing and bleaching etc and by having a hair style befitting your personality. Your dressing sense and wearing proper and appropriate attire also plays a vital role in your outward beauty.

When you sustain some injuries and get deep scars on your face due to an accident and look ugly, you can erase the memory of your accident as well as your scars by undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery and you can regain your beautiful face very quickly but at a heavy cost.

Your good qualities, behavior and mannerisms all combine together to constitute your inner beauty. You have to make conscious efforts by virtue of your attitude to cultivate good qualities like love, affection, honesty, truthfulness, integrity and your originality. Being self-confident, funny, interesting, reliable, respectable and supportive are also helpful to consider you as a person with inner beauty. You are categorized as a good person if you possess the above mentioned qualities predominantly in you. When these qualities are absent and your activities cause mental or physical injuries to others, you are labeled as a bad person and you have no inner beauty.

But the issue that lies before you, where lies the real beauty outside or inside?

Your outward beauty will not last long. It is short-lived, transitory and ephemeral. As you grow in age you will lose your charm and grace. Your muzzles lose their strength.You will have white hair or you will become bald. Your face will have wrinkles. You are not a beautiful person anymore. Whereas your inner qualities that make you a good person will find you in good stead. The qualities that constitute your inner beauty form a part and parcel of your way of living and they are everlasting.

You are judged as a good or bad person not by virtue of your outward beauty but by your noble qualities that constitute your inner beauty. Mahatma was passionately called so for his inner beauty and noble qualities and he was the embodiment of truthfulness. Mother Teresa was considered as a noble soul for her humility and for her real concern for the suffering people, irrespective of their age. Lincoln is adored even now for his inner beauty, for his unflinching devotion to duty towards his country and for his integrity.

Gauthama Bhuddha, Mahaveer,Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed, the founders of Bhuddhism, Jainism,Christianity and Islam respectively were all enlightened noble souls and possessed inner beauty.

That is why Lao-Tzu said, ‘He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened.’ It is needless to say that all the above mentioned noble souls were enlightened.

Therefore beauty of a person lies inside not outside, because beauty is skin-deep. What really matters is the inner beauty not the outward beauty.


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