New Hair Styles For Women Over Fifty 50 and Forty 40

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Persons have coloured their hair, rouged their cheeks and decorated their bodies all over the globe for thousand’s of years. Although you may feel you’re the first one ever to take the big plunge into a new hair colour, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why do we do this? Because colour is attractive, men and women have sought after to attract each other since Adam and Eve. That’s why I’d like to see more people experimenting with colour. It’s pleasurable. It’s sexy, and it’s safe.

The Victorian idea that self-adornment was somehow bigheaded now belongs to the dark ages, and should be given the cold shoulder once and for all.

Colour shouldn’t just be an agent to mask grey hair, it should be used originally to improve your look and to make you feel good.  

You may not like the astonishing pinks and purples of the early eighties, but I sense that the young people who have recently experimented with limelight colours have done us all a lot of good by shaking up the hairdressing profession so that in the salons we’ve been required to take a fresh look at colour.

You may not want a bright green or orange crop of hair, but you may well want a beautiful rich auburn or chestnut shade – and it really is very straightforward to achieve these colours.

Various people would benefit a lot from having colour added to their hair. It would add to their cut or hair style and lift it out of the realms of the routine into something truly eye-catching.

Colour also lends warmth to the hair (especially if you add a touch of red to the solution) and some products give the hair extra shine. Even blonde hair, which tends not to glow as ‘glossily’ as dark or auburn hair, can be made to shine and sparkle.

Highlights help, but you can also use a hairspray which contains silicone so that when the light hits it the shine bounces back.

So consider hair colouring light-heartedly, don’t be afraid of it, lighten up your life and lives of those around you.

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