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I usually wear my Dickies shirt and pants when my special day comes. I saved my money a several months before my day happened this is my first preparation when my day is near. That is why I have many dickies shirts and pants in my cabinet. I liked the textile and style of Dickies not the Price. 🙂

But this year, I spend a lot of time to think what will be my clothes in my special day. I decided to wear a Blogger T-Shirt in my day, so, I find a design that fit to my outfit in every casual day. Finally, I have many design of being Pinoy Blogger and Blogger to anywhere. 🙂 And I am not wrong in designing and wearing my Blogger Shirt in my Birthday because the readers and viewers of this shirt are very much high compare when I’m wearing a Dickies Shirt.

All my expenses from all my Blogger Shirts are came from this BLOG, that’s why I Dedicate this blogger t-shirts to all my Readers, Visitors, Viewers and Audiences. Thank You!

You can see some of my Blogger Shirts design below this entry. Contact inhinyero_khuno if you’d liked my Shirts at nauj_42@yahoo.com


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