Michael Jackson: 24 Hours Later, the Public Reacts

Only 24 hours after Michael Jackson’s shocking death, there is already speculation as to what killed the 50 year old former King of Pop. Due to the sudden nature of his death, many suspect that his alleged addiction to prescription pain killers is what ultimately ended his life.
Jackson reportedly began taking prescription painkillers following a performance related injury and continued taking them up until the time of his death. Many believe that the painkillers were responsible for Michael’s bizarre behavior and drastic change of appearance over the last two decades. An autopsy is being performed today and evidently will be made public once the cause of death has been determined.
Is this really necessary? The American public seems to have gone a bit too far with what they have a need or a “right” to know. What we know at this point is enough for us to draw our own conclusions about what would cause someone to drop dead suddenly at age 50. This was one of the most talented and troubled figures of our time. The guy lived on an estate he labeled “Neverland” after the home of J.M. Barrie’s protagonist Peter Pan, was friends with a chimpanzee, and preferred the company of small children to adults. Something was very wrong with him.
Whatever caused the untimely death of Michael Jackson, he left behind quite a legacy. Looking at him purely as an artist and forgetting his personal choices and the controversy that seemed to follow him wherever he went, the singer made incredible music and was one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry for the better part of his 50 years on earth. He will surely be missed by the family, friends and fans he left behind.

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