Can Blake Griffin Help the Los Angeles Clippers?

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The 2009 NBA Draft was the weakest draft in recent memory. It included no definite future superstars, had no real depth to it, merely a few players with some  legitimate potential should all the chips fall in exactly the right spots.
One of the brightest spots of this NBA Draft was Oklahoma forward, Blake Griffin, selected by the Los Angeles Clippers with the number one pick. Some have joked that the move damned Griffin to basketball purgatory. The Los Angeles Clippers have held a winning record only twice in a 30 year team history and the franchise seems to be cursed with perpetual bad luck and seem to be the most newsworthy during their off seasons.
During the last off season, Elton Brand reportedly convinced Baron Davis to sign with the Clippers before stabbing his friend in the back and signing an 84 million dollar contract with Philadelphia. In order to keep Davis, Clippers management trade for Marcus Camby and Zach Randolph. They also have an incredibly promising rookie in Eric Gordon and still were unable to string together a season.
If Blake Griffin can somehow manage to turn this team around, he will cement himself in NBA history. If not, he’ll be no different than anyone else in the league. 33 seasons of undeniable bad luck are working against him. If the Clippers can somehow manage to hang on to and motivate their current roster, they should have a legitimate team. Perhaps not a title contender but at the very least a team that won’t embarass itself.


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