Michael Jackson: Bubbles the Chimpanzee

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One of Michael Jackson’s more bizarre moves was adopting 3 year old Chimpanzee Bubbles in 1985. Bubbles had been rescued from a cancer research facility in Texas and the entertainer developed a strong bond with him. Many believed that the chimp represented human children to the singer before he had human children of his own.
In 1988, when the singer purchased the Neverland ranch, Bubbles went with him. The chimpanzee slept in a crib in Jackson’s bedroom. Bubbles was allowed to use Jackson’s private toilet, but reportedly often wore diapers. Jackson taught the chimp to moonwalk (his trademark dance move) and the animal appeared in several commercials. He even had his own agent. It was also rumored that the chimpanzee had his own bodyguard but that was all speculation and was never confirmed.
In the 2003 documentary of Michael Jackson’s life (Living with Michael Jackson), Jackson revealed in an interview with the filmakers that Bubbles had become increasingly aggressive and had to be moved to an animal sanctuary. Jackson told the interviewer that he had feared that the animal would attack his infant son Prince Michael II. Evidently, Jackson and his children frequently visited the animal at the sanctuary.
In light of the recent attack on a Connecticut woman, Michael Jackson definitely made the correct decision for his own safety and for the safety of his children. Chimpanzees were never mean to be pets. They are extremely strong and incredibly dangerous. Even an infant chimpanzee has enough bite strength to severely injure a child, or even an adult.


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