Michael Jackson: The Day Music Died

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Michael Jackson

On Thursday June 25 2009 the world stood still. The king of pop (music legend) passed away from a cardiac arrest. The world could not beleive what they heard. Michael Jackson fans rushed to the hospital to see if it was true. Who could not make it stayed glued to their television hoping it was a mistake.

Michael Jackson started performing at the age of six with his brothers (the jackson 5) and by age 11 he was making albums turning #1. Michael Jackson went on to have a solo career. That is when everything he touched went to gold. Every album he made was a hit not to mention every single on these albums were hits. Michael Jackson did what not other artists have done in their careers.

Michael Jackson opened the door for many of the artists today. All their dance moves came from Michael Jackson. Who can remember the moon walk, the hands on the crotch, and the gloves. We were all glued to the tv when there was a new video. Some of my fav was Man in the Mirror, The way you make me feel, Human nature, Billie Jean and Dirty Diana.

Before Michael Jackson passed away he made over 680 million in sales from his albums alone. Now that he is gone we could only imagine how much his empire will grow. The records are all sold out of his music before the day ended.

Michael Jackson will surely be missed by this generation





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