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So you have know signed up with and have started writing some articles. Here are some great tips to help jack up those earnings and help you keep the money coming in.

1- I have said it before and I will continue to say it.The way you write your articles plays a big factor in search engine placement. The higher your search engine ranking, the better your odds of more people clicking on your ads and increasing your revenue.

2- Keyword strategy-As stated in the previous step, keywords play a important role in effective search engine optimization. So be sure to keep thos keywords strategically placed throughout steps and when you put in your keywords in the tags section, be sure to look over your article and use the high light keywords. Always use the title keywords. Basically use the keywords that explain your article and the keywords that can be found more than one time in your article.

3- Social bookmarkingThe links are right there in front of you. Take advantage of it. It does work! The social bookmarking links I am talking about are digg,delicious and stumble.

4- Make friends.Everybody needs friends and if you want more visitors, what better way of getting those friends than to make your own network of friends. Make a habit of visiting their articles and rating them and leaving them a comment so they know that you were there.

5- Word of mouthTell your friends and family. In this economy, everyone is looking to make extra money. What betterm way to make extra money than right from your own home. Tell everyone know and this will help build your network.

6- EmailsDont spam but if you have a list send an email to your link. You can even join mailing lists who will in return put your link in their email system and in return you agree to get email from other people. I would suggest opening another email account for this one, but it does make a difference.

7- Post flyers- You can post flyers at most places that have a message boards. Example: Post offices,fast food service,community services.

8- Free search engine submissions You can go anywhere on the internet and submit your article links to free search engine submission services.

9- Buy targeted traffic-You can actually get targeted traffic at decent prices. You dont have to spend a fortune to have an effective advertising campaign.

10- Message boards and forumsAs I have stated before, message boards and forums do drive traffic to your articles. Be sure to stick to the message boards and forums that closely match you article.

Write,write,write- Get that keyboard to smoking, there are always topics to write about. Look for unique,popular and interesting topics to write about and start producing. Remember, your articles are not going to type themselves. Good luck and happy Bukisaing.


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